Reference group

If the chemical industry is to replace the current use of fossil resources with biomass-based alternatives this will have large effects not only on the industry, but also on the society and not the least on the environment. To get the views and feedback from different stakeholders, a reference group is attached to the BioBUF project. The group consists of members representing different sectors in the Swedish society, as well as the chemistry and energy industry.

Energimyndigheten Logo

The Swedish Energy Agency

Contact: Mats Larsson

The Swedish Energy Agency works for a sustainable energy system, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. The agency has, for example, contributed significantly to Swedish research on lignocellulose based ethanol. The Swedish Energy Agency is part of the reference group since the results of the BioBUF project could have large effect on developing energy efficient processes for the manufacturing of renewable chemicals and energy products.

Göteborg Energi Logo

Göteborg Energi

Contact: Tisse Jarlsvik

As Western Sweden’s leading energy company, they provide their customers with energy services, broadband, district heating, cooling, natural gas and the electricity supply network.

In the reference group, the company contribute with expertise in production and distribution of renewable energy as well as their interest in the development of new biobased processes such as production of biogas from new substrates.

Business region Logo

West Sweden Chemicals & Materials Cluster

Contact: Lars Josefsson

Within the West Sweden Chemicals & Materials Cluster, stakeholders from industry, research and the public sector are working together to achieve the overarching ambition to promote sustainable development and growth. The twin aims of the cluster are to develop and strengthen the collaboration between the participating parties and to initiate innovation and development projects within prioritised areas. The cluster consists of stakeholders from the chemical, energy recycling and forestry sectors. The entire value chain is also represented in the cluster, through representatives from industry, academia, institutes and the public sector.

Lantbrukarna Logo

LRF – the Federation of Swedish Farmers

Contact: Jan Eksvärd

The Federation of Swedish Farmers – LRF – is an interest and business organisation for the green industry with approximately 150 000 individual members.

LRF contribute with expertise in production of crop and forests, as well as knowledge of the raw material, the by-products, the residues and the management of biomass, and of business models for the green industry.

Processum Logo

Processum Biorefinery Initiative

Contact: Andreas Hörnberg

Processum is a collaborative cluster initiative and represents the leading process industry in Örnsköldsvik and the surrounding area.

They strive, together with their collaborative members, to lead the development of biorefineries using forest biomass. Processum Biorefinery Initiative participate in the reference group as an important stakeholder within the Swedish biorefinery area.

SP Sveriges Tekniska Institut Logo

RISE – The Swedish Research Institute

Contact: Sune Wännström

RISE works with applied research and also offer services within technical assessments. RISE also operates a fermentation demonstration plant in Örnsköldsvik. In the reference group, RISE contribute with expertise in pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass and in how to operate pilot-scaled fermentation plants.

Hållbar Kemi Logo

Hållbar Kemi 2030

Contact: Elin Hermansson

Hållbar Kemi 2030 is a collaboration between the five chemical companies in Stenungsund (AGA, AkzoNobel, Borealis, INOVYN and Perstorp) to work for the common vision that Stenungsund will in 2030 be the base for production of sustainable products within the chemical industry.

Vinnova Logo


Contact: Mats Jarekrans

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. It promotes sustainable growth by funding needs-driven research and stimulating collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector. Vinnova participates in the reference group due to BioBUF’s potential impact on innovative use of domestic raw material and on the development of sustainable chemistry production.

Västra Götalandsregionen Logo

Region Västra Götaland

Contact: Anders Carlberg

Renewable and efficient use of energy, climate, food, and sustainable business development are prioritised areas in the Region Västra Götaland. The region is therefore represented in the BioBUF reference group as an important stakeholder of the results’ potential impact on the regional level within these prioritised areas.