Analysis of environmental impact and economic viability

When developing new technologies, it is important to assess their potential environmental impact. In BioBUF, life cycle assessments (LCA) are performed for the project’s different parts and on several levels.

Questions that are explored regard, for example, the environmental consequences of removing large amounts of biomass, in this case GROT, instead of leaving the residues in the forest to decompose. The environmental impact of large-scale algae production will also be studied.

The results of the life cycle assessments will indicate crucial factors influencing the sustainability of the studied biorefinery concepts. On this basis, recommendations will be made regarding the process design and the products to prioritise from an environmental perspective. The results can thus guide further technological development and indicate interesting and important issues for additional research.

In a similar way as the life cycle assessment aims to identify important factors and provide recommendations from an environmental perspective, the economic analysis will identify important factors and provide recommendations from a profitability perspective.